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Our top personnel range from Force Recon Marines, Seals and a range of Special Operations Operatives from around the world. A leading Agency used by over Nineteen different Governments Including the United States. A commitment of excellence is and will always be our first commitment.

INvestigation and Consulting

From retail store chains to Fortune 500 Corporations. Uniformed, Black tie, to under cover. Global Consulting and Security Evaluations, Investigations, and Threat Assessment. All matters handled discreetly and confidentially. Estate, water-front and Yacht high-tech security systems.


K-9 and Equestrian

From bomb and Implemented Explosive Devices location, narcotics,To Search and Rescue Teams. From crowd control to park patrols our teams are trained for all.


Full Aviation Teams

we are able to move you, your family, or corporate team anywhere in the world quickly, safely, and efficiently. With a fleet of planes at our command and our top rated pilots we can transport you across the globe within a seconds notice.


Armored Transports

Our marked and unmarked armored transports will get you anywhere you need to be safely and securely. We have armored cars, trucks, and vans at our disposal including hummers, Lincoln's and explorers.


Vortek International has specialized in Armoring vehicles for dignitaries, celebrities to corporate CEOs for the last 20 years. Our newest technologies in Armor ranges from B3+ to B7+

Armored Vehicle Rental Service

Vortek International has a full fleet of armored vehicles with Armed Professional Chauffeurs at your disposal. Feel the Comfort and Security that you need and deserve anywhere in the world. From New York to California and from the United States to Dubai Vortek can move you and your associates safely, efficiently and with the discretion that you deserve


Licensed Bonded Insured

  Vortek Teams are available
24 hours a day 7 Days a week
from our Headquarters



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